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Supposed Drake Diss Track Aimed At Kendrick Lamar, Rick Ross & More Leaks Online



It feels like fans have been waiting every single night to see if Drake will drop his diss track responding to Kendirck Lamar’s ‘Like That‘ where Kendrick takes the most direct shots at Drake he’s taken in a long time.

Earlier today, something surfaced online that perked ears up. It’s a Drake song called ‘Drop And Give Me 50’ where he’s going at Kendrick Lamar, Rick Ross, Metro Boomin, The Weeknd, Cash and a bunch more people. Of course, it’s 2024 so people immediately wondered if it was AI. While some are swearing that it is, some people think it’s a little too good to not be real. The inflections and tone in the bars sound exactly like Drake and the voice only sounds slightly robotic, perhaps because the leak isn’t in the highest quality.

If it is real, it’s exactly the kind of song that fans knew Drake could make, with ‘Back To Back’ and ‘Duppy Freestyle’ already in his arsenal. The title of the song seems to be a reference to Top Dawg supposedly getting 50% of Kendrick’s revenue despite him going independent. He also mentions Dot’s Pop features with Maroon 5 and Taylor Swift, denies him being in the big 3, goes at his height and sends a bunch of shots at Ross, Metro Cash and more. There’s also an interesting line where he alludes to Kendrick’s wife by name. We know how that went last time.

You can hear it below and decide for yourself. Hopefully whether it’s real or not, it gets confirmed soon.