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Netflix ‘Stranger Things’ writer’s room debunks Eleven spinoff: ‘Not True’



Stranger Things writers’ room has rejected the reports claiming that an Eleven-centric spin-off series is signed by Millie Bobby Brown.

Recently, a media outlet reported an unconfirmed news that one of the leading lady of the sci-fi series Brown has signed on to reprise her role Eleven in a spin-off series.

Shortly after, the news started taking rounds on the internet, however, the official Twitter account for the Stranger Things was quick to shut down the reports.

Previously, the creators of Stranger Things, Duffer Brothers also teased a potential spinoff, which might start once the main series has concluded.

The hit Netflix series is currently heading into its fifth and final season, and the filming on season 5 is scheduled to begin in May 2023.

Brown’s co-star on the series Finn Wolfhard also revealed once that he accidentally guessed the premise behind the Duffer brother’s intended spinoff series.


Any other information is still not available regarding those plans of spinoff series.