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Kourtney Kardashian shares first video of herself at gym seven weeks after birth of son Rocky



Kourtney Kardashian has recently made her much-anticipated return to the gym, marking her first public appearance since the birth of her son, Rocky, with husband Travis Barker.

Her fans, who had been eagerly awaiting updates, were delighted to see her resurface on social media with a workout session.

The 44-year-old reality star chose to share this personal moment with her followers through a black-and-white video posted on her Instagram stories.

The video primarily focused on her muscular legs, as she steadily walked on a treadmill. This glimpse into her fitness routine was a subtle yet powerful statement of her journey back to self-care after childbirth.

Kourtney shared her first video since birth of her fourth child

In her post, the prominent figure from “The Kardashians,” candidly addressed her brief hiatus and her gentle approach to getting back into shape.

“Seven weeks postpartum: first day in the gym doing 30 minutes walking 3.0 12.0 incline,” she captioned her post. Emphasizing the importance of patience and self-compassion, she added, “Taking it easy, no rush, no pressure mamas. Your body is healing. It’s not a race.”

Kourtney and Travis have blended their families

This comeback also highlighted her commitment to her well-being, as she shared it was still early in the morning. Later, she gave her followers a brief peek at the display panel of her treadmill, indicating her progress.

Kourtney’s return to social media follows a period of relative quiet since the arrival of her and Travis Barker’s son.


Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker

While she has been discreet about sharing details of her postpartum body or her newborn, she did offer a glimpse into her family life over the weekend.

The mother of three celebrated her son Reign’s 9th birthday with an intimate family gathering at her stunning Los Angeles home, also marking her other son Mason’s birthday.

Kourtney with son Reign

In one of her Instagram Stories, Kourtney shared a snapshot of herself walking down a hallway, showcasing her post-baby figure.

The photo, taken from a high angle, revealed her slender legs and toned stomach. Dressed entirely in black, with form-fitting pants accentuating her curves and chunky black leather boots completing the look, she captioned the story: “Happy birthday to my Reigny.”