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Johnny Depp Visits Birthplace of Poet Dylan Thomas in Wales While Touring with Hollywood Vampires



Johnny Depp made a pit stop at the birthplace of one of his favorite writers while touring with his rock band overseas.

On Friday, the actor, 60, stopped by the house in Swansea, Wales, where poet Dylan Thomas was born in 1914.

“It was a pleasure to show Johnny around the house where Dylan was born, and where he wrote the majority of his published work,” the location’s owners wrote on the official website.

The website added that the “visit had an obvious and profound affect on Johnny,” who “has been a huge Dylan Thomas fan since he was a young boy. He was first introduced to Dylan by his older brother, and his writing has played a significant part in his life ever since.”

“In his words he was ‘dumbfounded’ to be able to walk in Dylan’s footsteps, and see where it all began,” they said. “He was warm and generous with his enthusiasm for the Birthplace and for Dylan.”

In a video interview with news outlet Nation.Cymru from inside the home, Depp said he is a “fiend” of Thomas’s work and that seeing the birthplace was “a lot to take in.” Portrait of the Artist as a Young Dog was the first of Thomas’s writings that Depp read as a kid, he said.


“I think this is gonna stick with me for a while,” Depp said, looking around one room of the house.

More photos from the visit were shared on Facebook, including one of Depp smiling while posing for a picture with Thomas expert Alun Gibbard, and Sarah and Geoff Haden. They wrote in the caption that Depp invited them to his Hollywood Vampires concert at Swansea Arena later on Friday and “we had a great night.”

While on tour with his Hollywood Vampires band mates Alice Cooper, Joe Perry and Tommy Henriksen, Depp also celebrated his milestone birthday last month on the road.

The group had a small dinner together while on a tour stop in Istanbul, Turkey, a source previously told PEOPLE.

“There was no big grand party. No blast off. He celebrated in Istanbul on his birthday. He had a dinner with his bandmates,” said the source. “It was an intimate dinner in Istanbul, where they were playing.”

The source added that Depp is “really prioritizing his health in this phase of his life.”


“He’s 60. He’s on tour. He’s directing a movie. He can’t do what he was doing at 20 years old,” the source said. “He’s taking care of himself. Everything in moderation. He’s older. He’s still working. It doesn’t make any sense to be partying hard anymore. It’s a different scene. He’s really busy.”