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John Amos’ Son K.C. Arrested for Allegedly Threatening to Kill Sister Shannon After Elder Abuse Claims



John Amos’ son Kelly C. “K.C.” Amos is facing legal trouble after allegedly making threats against his sister Shannon.

According to the complaint obtained by PEOPLE, K.C., 52, was arrested on Saturday in West Orange, New Jersey after allegedly threatening to “kill Shannon Amos with the purpose to put her in imminent fear of death.”

The filing states that Shannon believed “the immediacy of the threat and the likelihood that it would be carried out” after K.C. allegedly sent her text messages with photos of firearms and gang affiliations. The alleged threat made Shannon “fear for her life.”

Shannon claimed that K.C. sent her “terroristic threats” which included a video of him shooting a handgun and showed authorities text messages which read, “gonna sleep much better tonight big sis” attached to the photo of the handgun. Another photo of a rifle was captioned, “that big one can clean a turkey out from 3 football fields away,” according to the filing.

In the complaint, she alleged that K.C. has bipolar disorder and she “fears that he may carry out threats from messages sent through text and is in fear for her life.”

Shannon also claimed to police that K.C. believed that she had hired a person to kill him and he was retaliating because he thought his life was in danger, per the filing.


PEOPLE has reached out to reps for John and Shannon. At this time, it is unclear if K.C. has retained legal representation.

The arrest comes a month after John, 83, claimed he was the victim of “elderly abuse” at the hands of his daughter, Shannon. In a video shared on social media by K.C., the Good Times and Roots star made his allegations against Shannon, claiming that he felt she had “taken advantage” of him, even going so far as to set up a GoFundMe page for his “legal, medical, future housing, and care expenses.” (The page has since been taken down.)

“She would be the primary suspect — if you would,” John said, in a video filmed from his hospital bed as he made a phone call. “I don’t know if that’s the right term to use or not. But she’s the one that I would attribute my elderly abuse to. It’s definitely a case of elderly abuse.”

In the clip, John was asked by a caller on the phone — presumably from law enforcement or from a legal team — about what problems he’d been experiencing.

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He responded by saying he was hospitalized due to “water retention and a couple of other issues — all of which have been corrected, or at least addressed.” He also insisted that he was “very capable” and “very confident” in his medical team — but his main concern was his daughter, who he claimed had “taken advantage of me.”

K.C.’s video cut off before John could go into further detail. “There are many different aspects to this situation. It’s interesting how many people have made a conclusion while we are still discovering new elements every single day. ????????‍♂️,” K.C. captioned the clip, which was posted to both TikTok and Instagram.

John’s claim came after news broke that Shannon filed a complaint alleging that her father was “the victim of elder abuse, neglect, and financial exploitation.”

In response to the claims against her, a representative for Shannon told PEOPLE, “Ms. Amos is disheartened at the continuation of false and defamatory statements being made against her by, or on behalf of, or in connection with news reports based on social media posts by Mr. Kelly K.C. Amos. … She is exploring all legal remedies available to her. Ms. Amos hopes this matter will be resolved soon through the proper authorities.”

In a statement to PEOPLE at the time, John addressed the video K.C. shared and told his fans that he was “not in the distressed condition as described in the GoFundMe page,” and was “doing well.”


Shannon initially shared her concerns about her father in a lengthy Instagram caption on June 8. She alleged she received “a distressing call” from him, informing her that he was in the hospital “in immense pain” and “hanging by a thread” in the ICU.

She went on to claim that “his home had been violated, striped of anything valuable,” and that she was “collaborating with the Colorado Bureau of Investigations and local authorities, determined to bring the perpetrators to justice.”

John has since disputed his daughter’s claims, telling PEOPLE in a statement that “I am not in ICU, nor was I ever fighting for my life.”

“To all of my fans, I want you to know that I am doing well.” he said. “First, I want the GoFundMe campaign about me to stop immediately and the funds subsequently returned to those who made donations. My son and I will reveal more information at the appropriate time.”