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Inside Tom Brady, Irina Shayk budding romance: ‘They’ve very natural vibe’



Tom Brady wants to know his new alleged love interest Irina Shayk better without any pressure following their PDA-filled outing.

After they were spotted mingling in a car after the model spent a night with the NF: star, an insider said their chemistry is “already off the charts.

Speaking to Us Weekly, “Things are very new, [but] Tom has hung out with Irina a few times. Right now, Tom’s main priorities are focusing on his [three] kids and just having fun.”

“However, he’s interested in getting to know Irina better,” the source added.

It was claimed back in June that Shayk was drooling over Brady after they met at a star-studded Sardinia wedding;, however, the model’s representative debunked all such rumours.

But now the source told the publication that following the wedding, Shayk and Brady exchanged phone numbers and have stayed in touch since.


“Tom and Irina have a very natural vibe,” the source added. “They’re getting along great and [their] chemistry is already off the charts. It’s early, but they’re both happy and just going with the flow.”

The source went on to add that the alleged lovebirds are “sneaking around or trying to keep this a big secret,” but they still want to take things slowly at this stage.

“They’re both big on privacy and want things to progress without any pressure or too much scrutiny,” the explained.