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Eminem’s daughter Hailie fan girls after seeing her father perform on-stage



Hailie Jade Scott is hands down her father, Eminem’s, biggest fan girl.

The 27-year-old social media star thought back on seeing her father Eminem and 50 Cent play together at the recent stop in Detroit for the rapper’s In Da Club tour.

“We went to the 50 Cent concert, and I was so freaking happy,” Scott voiced her emotions on the latest episode of the Just a Little Shady podcast.

“I have not seen him perform since, like, I seriously think it was like the sixth grade. It’s been so long.”

The 48-year-old rapper of Just a Little Bit was commended by the podcast presenter for having “so many bangers” and for the “actual production” of the entire programme.

“I have never seen that level of production,” she said. “I mean, pyro, confetti cannons. There was one song where pyro went off for the entire song.”


She acknowledged that she was aware that her 50-year-old father would make a surprise appearance but added that she enjoys watching how audiences respond to his performances.

“I get so hyped because I just see the crowd being so happy,” she ascribed as she depicted one fan’s experience at the concert.

“There was this guy in front of us. He originally was in our seats, and he was not supposed to be there,” she said. “So he just climbed over and went in the seats in front of us. He was living his best life the entire time. Thankfully, nobody came to those seats, so he didn’t get kicked out. I was just like, yes! You deserve to be right there.”

Scott concluded the segment by noting it was “one of my best Sunday’s in a long time.”