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‘Barbie’ divides one family over aunt decision



Two nieces, one aunt, and the biggest movie of this year, Barbie. The following chain of events will shortly hook anybody into the an unknown family drama.

The story was started on Reddit when a user u/Salty-Village299 aired her tense family environment on “An I the ***” subbreddit after she was accused of “selfish” for ignoring one family member for another.

The teenager aunt opened up about the incident saying that she has two siblings who have two daughters Kayla (11) and Violet (5), respectively.

Kayla’s 11th birthday fell on the Greta Gerwig’s latest flick release, so the 19-year-old took her to the movie as a birthday treat which was her brother’s plan.

Soon, the Violet’s mother also happened to know the plan and asked the aunt to take her daughter too because she, too, “loved” Barbie.

The aunt agreed with one condition: she would accompany her


She added: “I said that she and Violet are welcome to tag along and she said no, she’s not coming, only Violet. I gently said no because respectfully I want to relax on my day off work and enjoy the movie and I don’t feel like watching Violet.

Not only is she younger and less independent but she’s autistic and can be quite a handful (I didn’t say this to Emma but she knows).”

“I could see Emma was getting annoyed and she said I’d only be watching Violet during the movie and its only such a small ask. I told her no and that’s that,” the young aunt continued.

“She said I’m excluding Violet for no reason and that I’m playing favorites, and I don’t have to deal with Violet being sad that she can’t go see the movie with us, but said I obviously don’t care because I’m so selfish.”

The aunt was faced allegations for preferrimg Kayla over Violent which, in return, “upset” her.

“This all snowballed into a massive family rift as my parents got involved too and said that Emma has every right to be upset and I should just bring Violet and that it would make Violet really happy,” she said.


“I ended up only taking Kayla and she had a blast but this situation has gotten me feeling so crap and I just need to know if I really was right or wrong.”

Meanwhile, on Reddit, the majority tilted on the aunt’s side.

“NTA (not the ***). Mostly because it’s rude to assume someone will take a kid for what is essentially free babysitting, but also because Barbie is not a kids movie. It’s rated PG-13, and the overall theme will go way over a 5 year olds head,” one person wrote.

Another added: ” Firstly – that movie is NOT suited for a 5yo. It’s not the same Barbie lol. Secondly, if you don’t feel like babysitting and are fine with chilling with an 11yo who can handle her own in a theater, that’s perfectly valid.”

“NTA, this was a treat for Kayla for her birthday. It was tacky of Emma to encroach on that bonding time for you and Kayla. Sounds like Emma wants a break from Violet and was trying to guilt you into giving her one,” a third said.