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YSL RICO Update: Slug Takes Plea Deal, Two Others Decline



As Young Thug remains behind bars, updates on the future of other YSL members are revealing themselves.

Reports on Thursday (December 29) indicate that three more members were offered plea deals. However, only one of them is reportedly deciding to take it.

“Trontavious Stephens aka Tick aka Slug takes plea deal in #YoungThug case. He faced 5-20 yrs on the racketeering count. (only count charged),” reports Cathy Russon, the Executive Producer at Law&Crime Network.

“He received 10 years, with 2 yrs time served & remaining 8 yrs on probation. He will be released,” she continues afterward. Stephens becomes the eighth YSL member to take a plea deal.


Stephens also agrees to testify truthfully at the trial. Additionally, he is unable to assert the fifth amendment.

Furthermore, he admits that he does indeed go by Tick as one of his nicknames. In Thugger’s song “You,” the 31-year-old raps, “She gettin’ robbed my Tick.” He acknowledges this as a fact as well.

Although Stephens is taking the plea deal, there are two other YSL members who declined to do so earlier today.

DJ Akademiks has consistently been reporting on the case through his social media accounts and took to his Instagram to provide the update.


“At least thug can say 2 of his members denied getting out of jail instantly and is taking it to trial wit him. The judge warned the defendants that taking the plea would make them free immediately but taking it to trial he would sentence them to the max if they lost the case. Tenquarius is facing 50 years in prison if convicted at trial,” the streamer says in the caption along with the news.


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Ever since Gunna became the first person to accept a plea deal in the case, there has been speculation online about whether or not there is snitching involved when taking the deal. Although, Gunna’s attorney, Steve Sadow has consistently stated that there is no truth behind these claims.

“Gunna did not snitch to get out of jail. He has said nothing and is not cooperating. His plea statement cannot be used in court against any other defendant. So please stop spreading lies!!!” he writes in a statement.



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Regardless, there continues to be discourse online about what these pleas will mean for Young Thug.

What are your thoughts on the YSL members taking plea deals in order to get released? Comment your thoughts down below.