Young Thug Trial Takes Bizarre Turn As Lil Woody Tells Prosecutor To Get Away From Him

Lil Woody’s request for the D.A. to “get back,” seemingly because of a strong smell, has social media reacting incredulously to the drama.
Young Thug and other YSL members’ RICO trial continues to develop in strange ways, although this latest viral moment is fortunately more bizarre and innocuous than it is concerning. Moreover, Lil Woody recently was on the stand yet again, and while a prosecutor laid out some papers in front of him, he sniffed something in the air and began to cough. He then told her to “get back” and continued to cough before refusing a bottle of water that she offered him. While many folks assumed that this is because the attorney smelled bad, it’s also equally likely that Woody just didn’t want to cough on her.

Furthermore, this is far from the only notable moment to emerge from Lil Woody’s time in court. His latest rant in court during his testimony in the Young Thug trial saw him apparently confess to lying to police officers during questioning. This followed a back-and-forth over whether or not he would testify, and a whole lot of meandering answers to questions and overly literal answers. It’s been hard for either side to crack down on the other, and the trial still has a lot of open ends and questionable procedural moments.

Lil Woody’s Bizarre Comment To A Prosecutor During Young Thug Trial


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After all, Lil Woody fired his lawyer in the middle of the Young Thug and YSL trial, and right as he offered his testimony to the court. Not only has Woody’s situation made things pretty contentious and outrage-driven online, but so has a situation a bit closer to Thugger. His attorney Brian Steel recently went through a rift with the court, as a judge held him in contempt for refusing to give up his source for an alleged illegal meeting that the judge had with a witness. In fact, authorities arrested him in court over this.

Later on, he made bond and seems committed to fighting through this and keeping his focus on the trial at hand and his client, Young Thug. We can only guess as to what could happen next in this RICO case, but that would still be a futile effort. If we can’t even understand what went on between Lil Woody and a prosecutor with this “get back” comment, there’s a long way to go before things clear up here. Still, we’ll be right here to update you on the latest developments.

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