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YNW Melly: Alleged Victim’s Father Blasts Witness Tampering, Home Raid Notes Revealed



The YNW Melly case is the cause of much discussion and speculation online, especially now ahead of its retrial. Moreover, the father of one of his alleged victims (YNW Juvy), Christopher Thomas Sr., recently joined Law & Crime’s Sidebar podcast. Specifically, he blasted the Florida rapper’s new witness tampering charges, as he stands accused of persuading his ex-girlfriend Mariah Hamilton and her mom Felicia Holmes to conceal information about the alleged double murder. Not only that, but some alleged footage came out of what police discovered during a raid on codefendant YNW Bortlen’s house. All in all, things are getting complicated very fast.

“They going through extreme measures to try to cover up or convince people not to testify like Mariah and Mariah’s mom,” Thomas alleged regarding the YNW Melly case. “They was using code words like Rihanna and A$AP Rocky’s baby mom. To me, when I looked at the text messages, I mean Instagram messages, with Bortlen and she said like, ‘You will never- good will never come to somebody because you snake somebody that never did anything to you,’ my mind instantly went to Chris. Like she talking about Juvy ‘cause he didn’t in that situation. I ain’t saying he was an angel, but he didn’t snake Melly. Melly took Chris out.

YNW Melly Update: YNW Bortlen’s Allegedly Discovered Note From Home Raid


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“And for them to even go through this process, I’m thinking they don’t care nothing about my son,” the father’s accusations about these YNW Melly charges went on. “They don’t care nothing about Chris. I’m like dang, man. Felicia Holmes and Mariah Hamilton, to sit there and be on your own channel and talking about Juvy and Sak were like brothers to her and then do that to them, that’s an insult. It’s just cr*zy.


“There’s a lot of evidence that’s not going to be allowed in,” he concluded. “But everybody in the world know who it points to. But the people that’s lying and covering up, they need to do something about them people too. In my book, they just as guilty.”