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Willow Smith Explained Why The ‘Nepo Baby’ Title Doesn’t Apply To Her, And I Get It



The singer and daughter of Will and Jada Pinkett Smith got real about people thinking she’s only successful because of her parents.

Singer and songwriter Willow Smith is joining the conversation about Hollywood nepo babies.
As you know, Willow was born to actors Will and Jada Pinkett Smith — but she’s become a star in her own right, with hits like “Wait a Minute!” and “Meet Me At Our Spot.”

Plus “Emo Girl,” “9” with SZA, and the early throwback “Female Energy” (IYKYK!). The point is, she’s immensely talented. She slayed an NPR Tiny Desk concert just this week.

In a recent interview with Allure, Willow admitted she’s definitely experienced some “insecurity” with being called a nepo baby, but it’s also fueled her to “work hard” to escape her mom and dad’s shadow.

“I definitely think that a little bit of insecurity has driven me harder because people do think that the only reason I’m successful is because of my parents,” the 23-year-old continued, adding it’s motivated her to “work really hard to try to prove them wrong.” “But nowadays, I don’t need to prove shit to anybody,” she added.

Willow, who broke out at age 10 with her debut single “Whip My Hair,” also noted that her identity as a Black woman doesn’t quite make her eligible to be a nepo baby anyway.

“Being Black in America, even with privilege, which I’m never going to deny that I have, you’re still Black,” she said.

“And I love being Black. People would look at me and [say], ‘Okay, well, her parents are this and this and that, but she still is like me. She still has brown skin.’ And we all know that that doesn’t exempt you from anything, and that’s a place of connection.”


Willow went on to discuss lessons she’s learned from her parents to help her navigate life, how she’s “always” been a “loner,” and more. You can read the full interview here.

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