For the last month, Wendy Williams has been at the center of a scandal involving her husband and his alleged mistress of over ten years. Her partner allegedly got a woman pregnant who he has been living a double life with, forcing Wendy to reconsider whether she wants to remain married to him. Understandably, she took a break from her talk show, citing health issues as the reason. Williams has also been dealing with a shoulder fracture, causing some fans to worry about her behavior on set. After taking some time off, it appears as though Wendy is ready to get back on the air, announcing that she’ll be returning this coming Monday.

“New Year. New Shows,” wrote the controversial host on Twitter. Since she’s been gone, the scandal involving her husband has picked up major traction across several news outlets, 50 Cent has publicly clowned her and a statement was issued to deny all the reports. Still, we expect a large turnout to come from her TV return. People will certainly be tuning in to see if she addresses the rumors and if she doesn’t do so on Monday, she may in the follow-up episodes.

Do you think she’ll explain her side of the story in her return or will she play it coy?