Tory Lanez Denied Bail Amid Appeal In Megan Thee Stallion Shooting Incident

The court denied Tory Lanez his motion for bail in his case for shooting Megan Thee Stallion, bringing an end to his legal team’s efforts. Now, as originally set out in the Canadian artist’s sentence, he will continue his appeal process while serving his ten-year prison sentence from behind bars. Said news comes via reporter Meghann Cuniff, who provided constant updates on this trial during most of its time in the public eye. Moreover, the motion maintained that Lanez “does not pose a danger to the community” and that the attack was “an isolated incident.” His legal team sought to secure his release within Los Angeles to continue working for his family.

However, this attempt was likely not ever going to pan out, according to entertainment attorney Michael Freedman, who spoke to Cuniff on Wednesday. As such, this news isn’t too surprising, although it does make Tory Lanez’s situation much more difficult. Of course, there’s still the possibility that he will undergo a successful appeal process. While things aren’t over for the Alone At Prom star, he still has a lot of accountability to take and reckon with.

Unfortunately, Tory Lanez’s prison time already made him miss out on a tragic event in his life. His friend Alexa, the inspiration for the aforementioned album, passed away, and he took to Instagram to honor her memory. “ALEXA … a close friend to me and so many,” the 31-year-old wrote. “A beautiful soul, and the muse that revolutionized Alone At Prom. We laughed, we worked, we partied, and shared many deep conversations and moments together. I should have been there to stop this from happening.

“It hurts more that I was not able to say my final goodbyes at your Ceremony of Life,” he concluded. “But I Promise to make your legacy live on. You meant so much to so many of us. May your imprint be stamped on the world forever as you Rest in Paradise. S.I.P The Lady of Namek.” For more news and the latest updates on Tory Lanez, stay posted on