Tina Knowles proudly recalls how Beyonce stood up to bullies as a kid

Tina Knowles, 70, revealed her daughter Beyonce was ‘shy’ but always brave while growing up

Tina Knowles couldn’t be prouder of her three daughters, Beyoncé, Solange, and Kelly Rowland.

In a recent interview with Vogue, the 70-yearold businesswoman looked back on her fondest memories of her “three girls” while they were growing up.

About her oldest, 42-year-old Beyoncé, Tina revealed that she was a quiet kid with a lion’s heart.

“Beyoncé, she was very shy and she got bullied a bit…” Tina recalled, further revealing that the soon-to-be superstar

“The day that she stood up for someone – she didn’t stand up for herself, she stood up for them – I’m getting emotional talking about it. I was just, I couldn’t have been more proud of her,” Tina said.


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About Solange – whom is the second child she shares with ex-husband Matthew Knowles – Tina said that her fondest memory was “her signing a petition in school, she was only in like fifth grade and she was out getting petitions signed.”

“So she’s always been an activist,” she added.

Tina also couldn’t help but gush over Rowland, who is not her biological daughter but came under her care at the age of 11.

“Kelly was always this kid that just tried to protect everybody. I have a memory of her with her best friend Barbara and her being a mediator and just being this little peacemaker,” Tina shared.

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