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The bitter ‘taste’ of Ghana Armed Forces’ recruitment sessions




Being a member of the Armed Forces is not just like having a civilian job. There’s the need to undergo thorough training which is meant to educate and also keep the body and mind ready at all times.

Military training is an exhaustive experience which has absolute control over every aspect of one’s life such that people sometimes say it’s several times worse than normal military duty.

The Ghana Armed Force however is no exception as they most often post videos of what a typical day in their various training camps look like in order for viewers to understand before ‘signing up’ to the profession or taking that oath.

In one of the videos posted on their Facebook wall, an instructor was seen telling the trainee what to do, when to do it, and how to do it and no matter how difficult it seems he is left with no choice as the willful disobeying of an order might get him “expelled,” as it would in a civilian occupation, or worst cases, send him to jail.

He had to skip several hurdles under strict supervision, beaten and dragged on the floor all in his quest to save a ‘’dying’’ colleague.


The intense and severe nature of the exercise triggered Facebook users to criticise government for paying inadequate attention to these soldiers.

Their worry is that, Ghanaian soldiers should be given the best form of treatment after going through all the difficult training and sacrifice in order to protect the country.

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Again they are of the view that, potential long-term consequences of the military begs for the urgency of government to put in place appropriate resources that would make retirement life as easy as possible after all the sacrifices and stress.