Taylor Swift Just Got Her Very Own Weather Forecast on Live TV: ‘No Midnight Rain, Just a Delicate Breeze’

The singer was the focal point of a special forecast ahead of her show in Cardiff, Wales on Thursday, June 18

Taylor Swift is taking over the weather forecast!

The pop star, 34, was the focal point of a special weather forecast presented in Wales on Monday, June 17, ahead of her upcoming Eras show in Cardiff on Tuesday, June 18.

BBC Wales weather presenter Sabrina Lee gave an impressive run-down of the forecast as she ran through Swift’s discography beside a map displaying photos of the singer in concert.

“For the Taylor Swift concert, will the forecast be a “Love Story” or will the “Cruel Summer” continue?” Lee began, referring to the singer’s 2008 and 2019 hits while wearing a Swift-coded red and pink sequinned dress.

“Last week in the arctic air mass it felt like we’d gone “Back to December.” “Don’t Blame Me” but since then “Everything Has Changed,” she continued, listing off several of Swift’s tracks.

“Blank Space” on the map does “Mean” some “Gorgeous” sunshine. High cloud giving some “Lavender Haze.” Winds not too Swift and highs of around “Fifteen” to “22”(celsius),”

“At the stadium it should be “The Best Day” and “Stay Stay Stay” dry. But even if you do catch a shower I’m sure you’ll be “Fearless” and just “Shake It Off,” Lee added. “Call it What You Want” but I’d say high pressure is the “Mastermind,” which means we’re “Out of the Woods” when it comes to “Treacherous” conditions”.

“After the concert of your “Wildest Dreams” — “No Midnight Rain” and just a “Delicate” breeze. If you’re thinking about “Style,” the presenter concluded. “The 1” thing you need to remember is the “Cardigan” as it cools down. You know “All Too Well” I’m back tomorrow and that’s when “You Belong with Me.”

The Swift-inspired weather forecast ended with one last Swift song reference as Lee posed to the camera and said, “Are you “…Ready for It?” The meteorologist then recreated a couple of poses from Swift in concert while holding a microphone.


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