Taylor Swift Gives Emotional Speech at 2nd Lisbon Eras Tour Show, Says It’s ‘An Absolute Dream’ to Be There

“I’ve just never seen a crowd like this in my life,” Swift said during her final Portugal show on her Eras Tour on May 25

Taylor Swift is getting emotional in Lisbon!

The pop superstar, 34, gave a heartfelt speech to fans during the second show for her Eras Tour in Lisbon, Portugal, on Saturday, May 25, as she shared how much fun she is having performing there and called it “an absolute dream” to be with the Portuguese crowd.

In a video from the concert posted on X (formerly Twitter), Swift began, while standing center stage, by explaining that “we are currently in the Red era” of her show, before discussing how she previously released albums such as Fearless, Speak Now and Red and then went on tours for them.

“And during the course of those tours… we made so many fun memories, but the one thing that I wish I would have done differently is I wish I could have brought every one of those tours to come see you in Lisbon,” the singer continued.

She then explained that she had designed the Eras Tour “to be all of my favorite memories from those tours in the past and put them all in one show, so that now we can all experience those memories together. And that’s why I think I’m having this much fun with you on this tour,” Swift said as the crowd cheered.

The singer then added, “I have to say. I’ve just never seen a crowd like this in my life … There have been moments in this show already where I like, forget what I’m supposed to do next or what I’m supposed to say because I’m just so distracted by how much fun you’re having and how you’re performing in the audience. I love this.”

Swift gave an emotional speech during her second show in Lisbon, Portugal, on May 25. MICHAEL CAMPANELLA/TAS24/GETTY IMAGES FOR TAS RIGHTS MANAGEMENT

“You’re just so in the moment and I cannot tell you how special that is for us as performers to get to look out and make eye contact with you and connect with you in this way,” Swift continued.

The singer added that it was “an absolute dream it is to be here with you here tonight. There is, before I start crying, there is one song that I want to play you from the red album if you happen to have about ten minutes to spare. Do you have ten minutes?”

Swift then began playing the 10-minute version of “All Too Well.”

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