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Selena Gomez and Benny Blanco’s Friends Reportedly Think Their Romance Could Be ‘Long-Lasting’

Selena Gomez and Benny Blanco

Selena Gomez and Benny Blanco only recently went public with their over six-month relationship, but behind the scenes, their loved ones believe they have long-term potential. A source spoke to Entertainment Tonight about how Gomez and Blanco see each other, along with what their family and friends think of their relationship.

“Selena feels very at home and at ease with Benny,” the source began. “Their friends, family, and loved ones on both sides are all supportive and happy to see what they think could be an amazing and long-lasting relationship between the two of them.”

The insider revealed they both think highly of each other: “Benny finds Selena to be brilliant beyond belief,” the source said. “He thinks she is extremely talented, genuine, sweet and intelligent. He respects everything that she stands for and admires her ability to speak her personal truths and share what she’s gone through with the world.”

Gomez, meanwhile, “appreciates Benny’s intellect, overall passion in life, his art, dedication, and values,” they said. “He’s very respectful and meshes well with everyone in her inner circle.”

The report comes the same day that Us Weekly ran its own story about Gomez being serious about Blanco. “Selena has made it clear that she wants Benny by her side from now on, and she’s proudly introducing him to everyone in her life,” that source said. “They kept things low-key [at first], but Benny has passed every test with flying colors. The new year seemed like a perfect time to essentially shout [their love] from the rooftops, so that’s what Selena is doing.”

A second source added that Gomez and Blanco’s romance started gradually: “Benny asked her to dinner, and they started seeing each other about once a week, taking it slow,” the source said.

Their connection grew, and now those around them are very supportive, too: Gomez “loves how Benny treats her: he’s so kind and thoughtful,” the source said. “She’s never been with anyone like him. It’s been a very long time since friends saw Selena this happy. She’s positively glowing.”


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