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Ryan Gosling and Mikey Day Reprise Beavis and Butt-Head at The Fall Guy Premiere After Viral SNL Skit

The pair revived their live-action versions of ‘Beavis and Butt-Head’ at the Los Angeles premiere of Gosling’s latest film

Ryan Gosling arrived at the Los Angeles premiere of his latest film, The Fall Guy, with an unlikely plus one.

At the Tuesday, April 30 event, Gosling, 43, was joined by Mikey Day, 44 — and the duo reprised their recent live-action versions of Beavis and Butt-Head from a viral Saturday Night Live sketch that aired on the April 13 episode.

Earlier in the evening, Gosling posed for a standard photo-op with his costar Emily Blunt in a monochromatic mint suit. He returned to the red carpet with a prosthetic nose and blond wig to portray Beavis, wearing the cartoon character’s signature Death Rock t-shirt and shorts.


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During the original sketch, SNL cast member Heidi Gardner played a news anchor grilling a professor (Kenan Thompson) on the dangers of artificial intelligence. But Thompson’s character couldn’t focus his attention on Gardner because two audience members, Jeff (Day) and Dean (Gosling), kept distracting him with their uncanny resemblance to the ’90s cartoon characters.

Throughout the sketch, veteran SNL star Thompson continually requests that Jeff and Dean move from their seats behind Gardner, 40.


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When Gardner first turned to address Gosling, she struggled to stay in character. The La La Land star had trouble keeping in his own laughter throughout the skit, which has amassed over 10 million views on YouTube in five days.

“I just couldn’t prepare for what I saw,” Gardner told Vulture. “I really tried. I even saw Mikey out of the corner of my eye seconds before I went live. I saw the red shorts. I knew I couldn’t look over there again. Mikey even told me later that he was bending down and hiding himself so I wouldn’t see him.”

She added that she “lost it” during the dress rehearsal, noting how just “thinking about it” caused her to erupt in laughter. “I recovered and tried to tell myself in between dress and the live show, ‘You can’t laugh like that again.’ I was trying to imagine seeing him in my head so I was prepared for it,” she recalled.

Meanwhile, Thompson shocked audiences and was able to play it completely straight, but he later revealed to Variety that he repeatedly broke character during dress rehearsal.

“It’s hit or miss. Sometimes I can hold it, sometimes I can’t,” he explained to the publication.

Thompson shared that throughout practices, the sketch had him “in tears” to the point where he was “frozen” and “couldn’t talk.”

“I was literally quivering and then I started to panic. Because I was like, I can’t talk without cry-talking. I don’t want to waste the line! It could throw off everything. It was like, three seconds of just chaos,” said the comedian.



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