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Roman Kemp makes exciting announcement – and we didn’t see this coming



Roman Kemp will be the new president of TRIC, the Television and Radio Industries Club, which was founded in 1931 to promote “goodwill in the television and radio industries”.

The announcement was made on Tuesday during the organisation’s annual TRIC Christmas Lunch, which was held at The Londoner. The radio presenter is due to take over from Judge Rinder and in his role as president Roman and the group’s chair will choose two charities to raise funds for, with money raised at the Christmas Lunch, the TRIC Awards and the ERT Awards.

The announcement was made at TRIC’s Christmas lunch

This year TRIC has raised funds for Parkinson’s UK and the 45 Aid Society, a group founded by child survivors of the Holocaust who wanted to thank and support Britain for welcoming them.

Speaking about Roman’s appointment: “TRIC is very fortunate to have such a progressive president in Roman Kemp that will bring TRIC to a new audience

Angela was honoured at the event

Elsewhere at the event, Strictly star Angela Rippon was awarded with the Outstanding Achievement Award and Absolute Radio Breakfast Show host Dave Berry was awarded with TRIC’s second-ever Recognition Award. Attendees at the event were also treated to a performance from Louise Redknapp.

Roman has been known for his support of mental health organisations and has been incredibly about his own battles with mental illness, explaining to HELLO! last year, how he wanted the nation to be more open about their feelings.

The star has been open about his mental health

“We need to be more honest with each other,” he told us at the time. “I can’t count the amount of times I’ve said I’m fine when I’m actually not,” he added, confessing that he does this at least “once a month”.

The 30-year-old continued: “My own depression and mental health is something that I learn to live with. Monthly I feel like I go through a bit of an episode, whether that manifests itself as me not wanting to go to work, or not wanting to speak to people.

“My depression is very much up and down, but it’s something I’m managing. I’m going to therapy today, for instance. I know that I’ll leave that room feeling rejuvenated, like I’ve got a new lease for the next couple of months.”


Speaking about the best way to react to a person expressing concerns over their own mental health, Roman shared: “It’s okay to not know how to react. It’s okay to admit that.

Roman is the son of Martin and Shirlie Kemp

“When my friends get upset and talk to me, the main thing I want them to know is one, that I love them, two, that I’m so grateful they’ve told me, and three, that I’m going to validate their feelings.

“Try your best to understand, and if you can’t, tell that person you’re sorry they feel that way. Not validating someone’s feelings when they’re being vulnerable is the worst thing you can do.”