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Rigworld Training and Aberdeen Drilling School sign partnership agreement



Ghanaian-owned, world-class Oil and Gas accredited safety training center, Rigworld Training Center (RTC), has successfully signed a partnership agreement with the Aberdeen Drilling School.

Rigworld Training Center through this agreement, has created a value-added solution, to ensure Ghanaians have greater access to specialized training.

The agreement will also ensure that both students, as well as current workforce, have a chance to develop the skills needed for the jobs market.

Steve Taylor, Managing Director of the Rigworld Training Center says, “That our greatest asset as a country is our people and having solid partnerships such as this, will ensure people can continue to be competitive, resilient and responsive as jobs evolve and as our economy grows.

“By giving more people the technical competence to succeed, we are ensuring that Ghanaians are stronger today and in the future.”

According to Tom Donelley, Business Development Manager, “Aberdeen Drilling School is excited to be partnering with Rigworld and its world-class training facility in Takoradi. We look forward to contributing to Ghana’s upstream oil and gas capacity building strategies through the development of local talent and the promotion of operational safety.”


This partnership promises an innovative and exciting future for RTC and the Aberdeen Drilling School.

Source: Roger A. Agana