Prince Harry spares Meghan Markle’s feelings with difficult decision

Prince Harry may have had to make a heartbreaking decision to miss his close pal’s wedding for the sake of his wife Meghan Markle.

According to royal biographer Ingrid Seward, Meghan may have influenced the decision to not attend the wedding of Hugh Grosvenor, Duke of Westminster

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex seem to have shared a difficult relationship with the royal family, especially after they stepped down from their senior royal positions in 2020.

When the pair went on to reveal inside details of their royal life and their grievances with the Firm, the rift between the Sussexes and the royals deepened.

On Friday, Harry had to miss out the wedding of the Duke of Westminster, with whom he shares a close bond. Hugh is also a close pal of Prince William and the godfather of his first born, Prince George.

“There was also the question of Meghan being unwilling to attend such a high-profile society wedding knowing that most of that very society disliked her,” Seward told the The Mirror. “Why would she want to come to a country where she could be pilloried, snubbed and embarrassed?”

She continued, “Hers and Harry’s presence would certainly have distracted from the bride and groom and even Meghan would know that would be the height of bad manners.”

Prince Harry then issued an unofficial memo saying, “The Duke of Sussex sends his love and support and admiration for the couple for their wedding day.”

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