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Prince Harry lets ‘inner child’ shine away from royal restrictions



Prince Harry and Meghan Markle appeared in good spirits on Nigerian tour

Prince Harry appeared free-spirited alongside wife Meghan Markle as they mingled with kids at a school on first day of their tour in Nigeria.

According to body language expert Judi James, it was certainly a nice break from the duke’s rather uptight trip to the UK only hours prior.

Speaking to the Mirror, she shared: “Without royal restrictions in terms of formality and perhaps because he is still very much in touch with his own inner child, he seems able to use mirroring, leading and then empathy to generate enthusiasm and fun behaviour in them.

“His eye-engagement is skilful as he raises his brows, widens his eyes and grins to prompt them to enjoy the fun. Getting down to their height, his expressions make him look more like a child himself as he joins in with all the activities,” the expert continued.

“The pleasure seems to be very much two-way here. Not only is Harry encouraging the young people to enjoy themselves, he looks buoyed up and genuinely delighted by the interaction here too,” added Judi.

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