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Post Malone reveals his best spot to write superb lyrics

For inspiration, no place could be ruled out; just ask Post Malone, who revealed that he wrote his songs on the toilet with a touch of guitar sometimes.

Explaining his last year’s comments on Howard Stern’s podcast, the Billboard Music winner, this time, dives deep into the creative process with Alex Cooper for the Call Her Daddy podcast.

“Sometimes I’ll bring a guitar in there,” adding, “I mean, all the best lyrics are written on the ***. One-hundred percent.”

Moreover, the Sunflower crooner also gets help from magic mushrooms to produce his award-winning lyrics.

“Are these two things together or are they separate ventures?” the podcaster asked.

“They are separate ventures, but I’ve never even thought about it that way because I’ve had some of the meanest ** in my entire life off shrooms and beer,” Malone replied.

Adding, “It’d be beer and shrooms for like four days and not eating anything. And I will be like, ‘Guys, I’m gonna die right now…’ I lost like 10 pounds from this one trip.”


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