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Offset teases new music with hilarious 1988 James Brown interview spoof



On Monday, Offset captured the attention of his devoted fans by posting an Instagram video promoting his upcoming single, scheduled for release on Friday.

“Y’all ready for some new music???….JEALOUSY!!” Offset captioned the clip.

Offset, 31, used a comical teaser to poke fun at James Brown’s unusual CNN interview from 1988. In the video, he addresses rumors that followed his recent accusation that his wife, Cardi B, 30, cheated on him.

The teaser also includes a delightful surprise: Jamie Lee Curtis makes an appearance as she interviews Offset and portrays CNN host Sonya Friedman.

“Your fans are saying there is a lot of drama between you and your beautiful wife Cardi B,” Curtis remarks.

“Haaaaaaaa,” Offset replies, avoiding a straight answer.


“OK, you’re not going to answer my f—ing question are you?” Curtis asks.

“There’s no problems,” he says curtly, before the Halloween Kills actress interjects: “She seems… upset, Offset.”

“I’m out on love,” the Annihilate rapper declares.


He then deflects her question, saying, “Let’s talk about some music,” after which the date “July 28” appears on the screen.

In April 1988, during his appearance on Sonya Live, Brown had just been released on bail after being accused of assaulting his then-wife, Adrienne Lois Rodriguez, with a lead pipe.

During the interview, when the host Sonya Friedman asked Brown about the allegations, the singer diverted the conversation by singing and talking about his successful music career.

He also announced that he “make love good” and that he’s “single and I wanna mingle,” before attempting to walk away.