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Nicki Minaj Brought Out Drake and Pamputtae At Gag City Toronto Show



Drake and dancehall baddie Pamputtae graced the stage at Nicki Minaj Pink Friday 2 tour stop in Toronto

Drake and dancehall artist Pamputtae was brought out as a special guest at Nicki Minaj’s Gag City international tour which stopped in Toronto, Canada on Tuesday night, drawing the likes of Drake and thousands of fans.

It was a full circle moment for the Jamaican deejay who has been in the music industry for almost 25 years and has become one of the favorite artists of Queens rapper Nicki Minaj. Pamputtae was featured on Minaj’s song “Fine Nine” remix of “Likkle Miss,” which Minaj sampled from Skeng. The song paid homage to a series of Jamaican and Trinidadian artists and other Minaj collaborators from the United States.

Fans were surprised on Tuesday night when Pamputtae was brought out as a special guest during DJ Boof’s set in Gag City for night two of the tour in Toronto. She was effectively the opening act for Minaj, a known dancehall fan.

Videos of Pamputtae’s performance have gone viral as she energized fans ahead of the Queen’s appearance with a hearty performance of her sexy hit song “Goody Good” released in 2014.


Pamputtae wasted no time bringing the vibes – “weh the goodas gyal dem deh? Pat it,” she asked screaming fans. The dancehall artist who popped up with her Jamaican flags also bussed a few moves that had fans screaming in enjoyment. Dressed in a pink bodysuit with frilly sleeves and a pink wig to match the theme of the tour. She and Minaj were also seen posing for photos backstage.

Many of Pamputtae’s fans were happy to see her on the big stage. “Oh she just getting the party started!!!!” one fan commented on Twitter as she approved Pamputtae’s energy and vibes. “Fine Nine tonight?!!! Love Pamputtae she’s so bubbly but a straight shooter at the same time,” another wrote. “Jamaican barbs gather here we are winning. This makes me REALLY excited to see how Nicki tears up the Caribbean leg of the tour!,” another said.

Fans also got another surprise for the night as Drake popped out during Minaj’s performance of “Needle.” Nicki Minaj has been a huge fan of Pamputtae for years which resulted in the two Caribbean artists development a bond on social media.

Nicki Minaj also brought out her Young Money comrade Drake at her tour stop in Toronto. Drizzy is currently dealing with a hotly contested lyrical beef with Kendrick Lamar who released a scathing diss track “Euphoria” yesterday. While Drake did not addressed the song during his appearance with Nicki, he hinted that he will be handling it.

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