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Nicki Minaj Adds Monica As An Opener On Tour

Nicki Minaj

Though much of the past few weeks news about Nicki Minaj has been related to Megan Thee Stallion, that’s not all she’s done recently. Late last year she released her first new album in 5 years Pink Friday 2. Despite mixed reviews from critics the album performed pretty well. Two of the tracks from the record “FTCU” and “Everybody” are still sticking around on the Hot 100 more than a month later. Unsurprisingly, she’s taking the success of the album on tour starting later this year.

After originally announcing an already robust series of tour dates for the Pink Friday 2 tour, Nicki has expanded on it twice. But now we’ve officially gotten our first confirmation about who could be doing on tour with her. During an appearance on The Jennifer Hudson Show, Monica confirmed she’ll be included on the tour and even made a point to thank Nicki specifically. While it hasn’t been officially confirmed which parts of the massive tour she’ll be included on, that didn’t stop fans from getting excited. Check out the clip of Monica making the announcement below.

Monica Going On Tour With Nicki Minaj


In the comments fans are happy for Monica, but curious about her fit with Nicki. “Congratulations, but I don’t think this the tour she needs to be on … two different crowds” one of the top comments reads and it’s not the only one expressing that sentiment. Others were just plain excited. “Monica….CAPITALIZE on this moment! Because your name should be AS big as it was 20 years ago!” another comment reads.

Nicki Minaj got some mixed news about her new single “Big Foot” earlier this week. The track had an impressive debut at #23 on the Hot 100. That came despite major slips in streaming numbers after its first tracking day. Unfortunately, the track it was made in response to, Megan Thee Stallion’s “Hiss” made a commanding debut. It landed at the very top of the Hot 100 at #1. What do you think of Monica opening for Nicki Minaj on tour?


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