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National Petroleum Authority inaugurates taskforce to fight fuel smuggling



A joint national taskforce to oversee the export of petroleum products across Ghana’s borders has been inaugurated.

In an effort to curb the menace, the National Petroleum Authority in collaboration with other bodies has initiated measures to conduct swoop exercises on trucks suspected to be involved in the dumping of products meant for export into the country.

The joint taskforce comprises of the National Petroleum Authority (NPA), Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA), Ministry of Energy, Association of Oil Marketing Companies (AOMC), Bulk Oil Distribution Companies in Ghana (CBOD), and a representative from the security services.

The export guidelines were developed by the NPA to address concerns of malpractices in the export system, which has negatively impacted revenue meant for the state.

Speaking at the inauguration, Esther Anku, Chief Inspector of NPA, said the taskforce is expected to review the operational activities of the committee, as it “relates to curbing the leakages within the current export system.”

She implored the members of the committee to work assiduously in order to win the “fight” against the smugglers.


Also, members of the committee will ensure export products are duly dispatched out of the country and in the appropriate order.

The committee is one of several measures the NPA is taking to address the menace of fuel smuggling in the petroleum sector, which has a negative impact on the country’s finances.

It has so far collaborated with the state security to effect swoops at various landing beaches, the high seas and border points, where several cartels operating in the petroleum industry use to fuel their operations.

The NPA’s Chief Executive Hassan Tampuli even reiterated his outfit resolve to fight the canker, and will do everything possible to ensure nothing is left unchanged.

In a meeting with the Chief of Naval Staff Rear Admiral Seth Amoama at his office, Mr. Tampuli reinforced the NPA’s commitment to assist the security agencies deal with the cartels behind fuel smuggling.