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Mike Tyson Roasted For Handling Hasbulla Like A Child



Mike Tyson is certainly one of the most prominent figures in the entire boxing world. In fact, Tyson is beloved by fans who have been tracking his growth as a human. Overall, the former heavyweight champ has made great strides to improve himself, and you can tell he has changed since the 90s. In fact, Tyson is very open and honest about his past struggles. Typically, fans can hear Mike open up about these things on his podcast, which is known for having some amazing guests.

Recently, Tyson actually welcomed someone into his studio who always seems to go extremely viral. That person is none other than Hasbulla Magomedov. Although the social media superstar does not understand English, he is constantly around English-speaking creators. Moreover, Hasbulla is especially famous in the combat sports space as he is from Dagestan. This is the home of numerous phenomenal UFC combatants, including Khabib Nurmagomedov. That said, it is easy to see why Hasbulla would end up in Tyson’s world.

Mike Tyson x Hasbulla

Unfortunately, Tyson is now receiving a ton of flack online for his meeting with the influencer. As many of you know, Hasbulla has a condition that makes him appear as though he is a young infant. However, he is actually 20 years old. Not everyone is aware of this, and as it turns out, Tyson wasn’t either. We know this because in the clip above, Tyson was handling Hasbulla like a toddler. He picked him up and made raspberries on his neck. These are all things you would do to an infant, and it is clear that Mike Tyson didn’t exactly know any better. Regardless, Twitter made sure to get its jokes in.

Down below, you can find numerous tweets in which Tyson received flack for his actions. “Mike definitely thinks he’s 3 or 4 years old lmao,” one user said. “Doing this and then having someone remind you that Hasbulla is a man in his 20s— I’d have to walk into traffic,” said another. Hopefully, Tyson was eventually told how old Hasbulla really is. Otherwise, he could make this same mistake again.


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