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Meghan Markle, Prince Harry receive special honour during Nigeria tour



Prince Harry, was wearing his familiar Invictus Games polo top

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry were treated to a special experience on the second day of their Nigeria tour.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex were greeted with enthusiastic cheers from the crowd at a sports center in Abuja. Despite the scorching heat, fans eagerly took selfies with the couple as they attended an event associated with the Invictus Games.

Meghan and Harry were presented with scarves adorned with the green and white colors of the Nigerian flag as they settled into their seats in the arena, reported GB news.

They watched a sitting volleyball match, with Prince Harry even joining in on the game while Meghan observed.

During the event, Meghan engaged with Tiwa Akanbi,Tiwa 9, who spoke to Meghan at the event said: “She [Meghan] said Prince Harry loves to play volleyball and that he’s very good at it.

“And she asked me if I play volleyball in my school. And I said yes.”Tiwa’s mother Desola added: “She’s always wanted to meet her. She said last night ‘when am I going to meet ‘Auntie Meghan?’”


Prince Harry, was wearing his familiar Invictus Games polo top, was surrounded by players and their families after the volleyball match. Meghan later joined them for a group photo, further enhancing their special experience during the Nigeria tour.


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