Megan Thee Stallion Shows Off Her Trip To Japan In Music Video For “Otaku Hot Girl”

Megan loves everything about the Asian country and is not shy about it.
Megan Thee Stallion is a little bit of nerd if you were not aware already. That is especially true in relation to her love of the Japanese culture and the world of anime. Earlier this year, the H-Town Hottie became a Hiroshima Hottie, as she explored Tokyo and all it had to offer. Her fans, and lots of thirsty men alike, were absolutely loving the cosplay thirst traps she was feeding them. Furthermore, it seemed like Megan had a great time throughout her trip because some of that fandom makes it onto her self-titled LP. There are two tracks on MEGAN that display this adoration, and those include “Mamushi” and “Otaku Hot Girl”. In terms of the song itself, the latter is one of the catchiest on the record. It features the hitmaker spit some speedy flows, all while including some nods to anime characters. Because of all of these reasons, it is no surprise that “Otaku Hot Girl” is one of the few tracks to receive a music video.

Unlike the visuals for “BOA”, which are extremely flashy and seamlessly edited, “Otaku Hot Girl” is more of a B-roll. It includes various clips and photos from Megan’s trip to Japan. From trying to the local grub to walking in different stores, it includes it all. There is also a sneak peek of the photo shoot for the Hot Girl Summer Tour promo, which is a cool touch. For Megan, she continues to be at the top of her game. This set of visuals comes after an opening BET Award Show performance and an interview with Shannon Sharpe. This is her world, and we are just existing in it.

Megan The Stallion “Otaku Hot Girl” Music Video


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