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Margot Robbie says she didn’t like The Beatles as she was The Beach Boys fan

Despite the popularity of the Beatles, Margot Robbie chose not to listen to their music because they were overshadowing her favorite band, The Beach Boys.

This decision was rooted in her strong devotion to The Beach Boys, which began at the age of five when her family introduced her to their music through a tape.

From then on, she listened to The Beach Boys exclusively and refused to give the Beatles a chance.

“I had watched a documentary about how The Beach Boys would have been even more popular if the Beatles hadn’t come along and stolen the limelight,” she revealed.

A few years before Robbie was born, The Beach Boys had connections to Barbie’s world. In 1987, Brian Wilson wrote Living Doll (Barbie) for the California Dream Barbie. More recently, the band’s hit song Fun, Fun, Fun was featured in a Barbie trailer.

During her teenage years, Robbie went through a metal and emo phase that influenced her diverse taste in music. This taste has carried over into her successful acting career, as she often creates playlists for the characters she portrays to get in the right mindset before filming. She explained, “I can anchor my character and myself in either a time period or a certain feeling. Music is so helpful for that.”

Meanwhile, her latest movie Barbie is receiving mostly positive reviews from critics ahead of its July 21 release. Empire dubbed the movie “painfully funny”, whereas the Independent described it as “joyous from minute to minute”.


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