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Ludacris Reveals Who He Thinks Would Win In Rhyme Writing Contest Between Himself & JAY-Z



Ludacris has shared who he believes would be the winner if he and JAY-Z were forced to write competing verses.

While taking to Cam Newton on the latest episode of the football star’s Funky Friday podcast, Luda answered a question about what would happen if he and the Brooklyn icon were each given two hours to write a rhyme. He claimed he would come out on top.

“I would have to say, I would win on that one,” he said. “It’s a strong statement to say that, because Hov is definitely one of my favorites.”

He then described how seriously he would take the hypothetical contest.

“In terms of flow, I’m going to kill that shit… [W]hen you put me in a category of, oh shit, I’m going against Hov, every fucking word, every line, every style, every flow, every metaphor — I got to go,” he said.

Luda then reminded Newton that something similar to this imagined scenario had in fact already happened: Luda appeared with both JAY and Nas on the 2008 track “I Do It For Hip Hop.”


You can see Luda’s answer to Newton beginning at the 49:14 mark of the video below.

While Luda hasn’t yet triumphed over Hov in a verse-writing contest, he has won a different major award recently.

Late last month, the ATL rapper received his first-ever Webby for his epic performance during the Atlanta Falcons Hip Hop 50 celebration, and the Atlanta legend was thrilled to pieces about the honor.

Taking to Instagram on Thursday (April 25), the rapper-turned-actor thanked the committee for the honor, and confessed that it was on his agenda to do, with or without the award.

“I just received word that I’ve received a Webby Award — the Internet’s highest honor,” he said in the video. “For rappelling down from the Mercedes-Benz Stadium. I’m blown away, because I wanted to do this shit anyways.”

He continued: “So thank you to the Falcons. And thank you to everybody involved. Everyone who knows me, knows I’m a thrill-seeker, knows I’m an adrenaline junkie. And I think it’s dope to be honored for something I’d do any-damn-way.”


Back in November, as part of Atlanta’s 50th anniversary of Hip Hop celebrations, Luda rappelled from the roof of Atlanta’s Mercedes-Benz Stadium while rapping his classic hit “Move Bitch.”

“I Got Some Georgia Dome Today,” the rapper and actor joked on Instagram, referencing the Falcons’ previous home while sharing GoPro footage of his theatrical stunt — which impressed not only those in attendance, but a number of his rap peers watching at home.

“WOW AMAZING,” Tyler, The Creator commented under the footage, while Redman added: “EXTREME [fire emojis] !!”

Ludacris appeared at the end of the third quarter, topping off what was a day of Hip Hop celebrations.

The halftime entertainment came from Jeezy, Cee-Lo Green, Jermaine Dupri, Big Boi, and Quavo, with the Migos rapper paying tribute to his cousin TakeOff who was murdered last year.

T.I. was also in the building and walked the Falcons onto the field while rapping his 2004 hit “Bring Em Out.”

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