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Lizzo backed by Special tour dancers amid sexual harassment lawsuit



Lizzo has received a token of support from a batch of her “Big Grrl” and “Big Boiii” dancers as the singer faces a lawsuit from three of her former dancers.

The dancers posted a statement on the official account for Big Grrl, expressing their gratitude to the Truth Hurts singer for “[creating] a platform where we have been able to parallel our Passion with a purpose.”

The coterie reminisced about their time on The Special Tour, heralding Lizzo for giving them “one of the Greatest lessons” and “Blessings” in the form of “commitment to character” and “culture taking precedence over ever movement and moment.”


The letter continued: “THANK YOU to Lizzo for “shattering limitations and kicking in the door way for the Big Grrrl & Big Boiii Dancers to do what we love… Not only for Us, but for Woman and All people breaking barriers.”

They went on to claim to be a part of Lizzo’s dance group gave them the confidence to prevail over hardships faced by plus-size dancers in the entertainment and beauty industry.

“So Grateful that the standards and existence of Beauty in THIS team goes beyond the surface!” read the letter.

The letter comes after three former backup dancers of the Grammy winner sued the artist over claims of sexual harassment, fat-shaming, and creating a hostile work environment.

It was reported earlier this month that six more employees were speaking out about similar stories.