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Lil Wayne’s Apparent Facial Swelling Sparks Concern Among Fans



Lil Wayne

As of late, some of Lil Wayne’s fans have expressed concern for the rapper, claiming that his face appears to be swollen. Countless commenters are weighing in on images of the artist from recent interviews, and discussing what could be causing the apparent swelling. Many speculate that the root cause could be drug use or a medical issue, with some even suggesting that he’s suffering from kidney failure. “This serious and he could die in a weeks time,” one very concerned commenter speculates. “Them kidneys are going out along with that liver,” another rumors.

While some fans are worried for the hitmaker, others are coming to his defense. Many are noting how there are several reasonable explanations for why his face could be swollen. Various commenters also claim that he recently had a dental procedure, which could have prompted some inflammation in his mouth area. Many others think he could have simply gained a few pounds, or are chalking up his new look to aging. “That aint nothing but a dentist visit,” one commenter claims. “He probably gained weight in his face,” another says. “Why y’all always assume the worst?” Lil Wayne has yet to address the situation.

Fans Speculate That Lil Wayne Is Dealing With Health Issues



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Obviously, there are just as many normal explanations for why his face could be swollen as there are concerning ones. People’s appearances can change for a plethora of reasons, and most of them aren’t any cause for concern. With that being said, Lil Wayne could be holding back from responding to the speculation because he doesn’t feel as though it’s significant enough to address. If there is actually a health issue at play, however, it’s important for fans to remember that he has a right to privacy, especially when it comes to his physical and emotional well-being.


What do you think of Lil Wayne’s face seemingly appearing swollen? Do you agree with those claiming he should seek medical attention?