Lil Wayne Celebrates The 20th Anniversary Of “Tha Carter” By Putting New Fans On

There’s probably a lot of Lil Wayne fans today that haven’t done their due diligence, and many casuals who will soon be die-hards.
One of Lil Wayne’s most legendary projects, and arguably the one that shot him up into the stratosphere of hip-hop, celebrated its 20th anniversary on Saturday (June 29). Moreover, Tha Carter has spent two full decades captivating fans and providing a crucial blueprint for modern rap, and it’s been a wonderful journey to witness. “I’m Weezy F. Baby and this is Tha Carter,” Weezy tweeted on Saturday, quote-tweeting a post about the album’s anniversary to invite newer and casual fans to do their homework. With a reunion with Birdman going down recently as well, it’s a great time for him to reflect on his amazing career and strive to live up to this potential in the future.

Furthermore, Lil Wayne is also making sure that he forms a strong relationship with the new generation, such as basketball star and rapper Flau’jae Johnson. She recently spoke on their collaboration “Came Out A Beast” off her new album Best Of Both Worlds and how it lit a spark under her creative flames. “Working with Lil Wayne on ‘Came Out a Beast’ was a surreal experience,” Johnson stated to Complex. “His energy and talent pushed me to new heights.”

Lil Wayne Celebrates Tha Carter‘s 20th Anniversary

But don’t think that Lil Wayne isn’t reflecting on the game as a whole as opposed to his sole contributions, because he’s often got two cents to share on the game. For example, he recently updated his top five MCs of all time list in an interview, and it carried a different context compared to his previous rankings. Jay-Z, Missy Elliott, Eminem, and Biggie Smalls made the list, and so did Young Money partner Drake. This caught many fans’ eyes and ears due to Drizzy’s current beef with Kendrick Lamar, and the fact that K.Dot didn’t make the list.

Of course, it’s not like the Compton lyricist had to make the list, or that Lil Wayne had previously included him, but it’s a curious choice nonetheless for fans. After all, why wouldn’t the New Orleans legend pick one of his proteges? We’re sure that Nicki Minaj is number six. Between a LeBron James-assisted Beats commercial, more new music on the way, and celebrations of his iconic past work, it’s a great time to be Tunechi right now.




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