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Lil Baby’s Son Recreates “Freestyle” For Viral TikTok Challenge




Lil Baby’s son Jason channels his father’s energy for the TikTok studio challenge.

Over the last couple of weeks, the “Studio Challenge” — a trend in which social media users pretend they are recording a song in the studio in front of a big group of friends — has really been taking off on TikTok. Earlier this week, Reginae Carter delivered her own take on the challenge, and in her viral video, she paid homage to her father by rapping Lil Wayne’s “Mr. Carter” into a Grammy trophy.

Now, Jason Jones — Lil Baby’s firstborn son — has stepped up to the plate to share his own “Studio Challenge” video.

In the funny video, the six-year-old slowly makes his way through a tour bus filled with people. Along the way, he salutes each person with a pinky swear before one of the people in his makeshift entourage hands him over a big stack of cash. When he arrives at the microphone — which in this case is actually a PlayStation 5 controller — he starts rapping along to Lil Baby’s early breakout hit “Freestyle,” and although the music is pretty loud in the clip, Jason can actually be heard reciting the song word for word.

Check out Jason’s viral TikTok and revisit Lil Baby’s “Freestyle” below.