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Lil Baby Sets Record Straight About Chrisean Rock And Blueface Drama

The 4PF rapper wrote, “I ain’t with the trolling s**t. I be laughing at certain s**t, but [alright] now. Stop playing. I ain’t never tried to talk to no [motherf**kin’] Chrisean!! Please stop attaching my name to that!”

He continued, “I seen her at a party [and] told her some real s**t. She knows I never tried to talk to her! I know I bring attention, but Chrisean even trolling about a child [and] stuff is too far!”



Following Baby’s tweets, Rock immediately chimed in. “See, he finally said it,” she began. “FACTS. TOLD Y’ALL I [HAVE] BEEN ATTACHED TO HIS NAME BECAUSE MY BABY DADDY [IS] INSECURE [AS F**K]. TOLD Y’ALL… Someone tell Blue [that] he can stop trolling me.”

The two rappers’ feud escalated recently with a number of assumed diss tracks and social media slams. Blueface released a song last month called “Baby Momma Drama,” interpreted by many as a swipe at the Atlanta native. Subsequently, the pair appeared to exchange barbed subliminals on Twitter.

More worryingly, Rock accused the “Thotiana” artist of inappropriately dragging their child into the public fray. She recalled an earlier incident where Blue shared a compromising photo of their son and captioned it with Baby’s name.

“Like, come on, bro. When my innocent baby was posted by his father, his whole private area was on Twitter! BUT GUESS [WHO’s] name WAS IN THE f**king CAPTION? ‘Lil Baby.’ Just needed bro to clear the f**king air before something else happens,” Rock tweeted.

The public spat between Baby and Blueface originated months ago during the NBA All-Star Weekend in Salt Lake City, Utah. Rock claimed that the former told her she had potential, which prompted a skeptical response from her “Crazy in Love” co-star: “Potential to what? F**k him?”

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