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Lil Baby Gets Pulled Over For Having Tinted Windows In Resurfaced Police Footage

It looks like this might be footage from slightly before Lil Baby became the superstar that he is today, but it’s a tough call.
Lil Baby is an absolute superstar these days and even more so in his home city of Atlanta, to the point where it’s hard to think that fans couldn’t recognize him driving around. However, thanks to newly resurfaced police footage, we know that there have been at least some times, including this one, where he’s just another guy to the public. Moreover, footage recently resurfaced of a police officer pulling the “Lick Me” rapper over for having windows. He explained that he’s a celebrity and can’t be out in the open like that, and his demeanor, clothes, hairstyle, and the fact that the police officer had no idea who he was indicate that this could be from a couple of years ago before he really made it to massive mainstream levels.

Or, on the other hand, not every cop is hip with the times and this could’ve been at any point in Lil Baby’s career… which seems a bit more of a likely scenario. Nevertheless, there was plenty more viral footage to talk about as of late when it comes to him. For example, the Atlanta rapper hilariously attempted a British accent challenge the other day, much to the amusement of his hardcore fans and casuals alike. He hasn’t dropped much in the past few years, but that doesn’t diminish how heartened some could be by seeing a celebrity have the same dumb fun that we do.

Watch Lil Baby Get Pulled Over For Tinted Windows

Meanwhile, Lil Baby might be changing that narrative very soon. For example, he teased yet another Sexyy Red collab on the way in addition to the aforementioned “Lick Me,” so maybe he’ll accelerate his drops even more now. They had some solid chemistry on that cut, so we’ll see if it results in another banger. How many more can the St. Louis MC crank out before she knocks out from exhaustion?

Still, maybe we’re too quick to say that Lil Baby hasn’t been as active, or maybe we just picked a wrong time to say so. After all, he also dropped “BAND4BAND” with Central Cee recently, which amped things up even more on an energy level. The 29-year-old does definitely have something to prove when it comes to his long-form material, and we can’t wait to see what’s in store. In fact, maybe it’s such a smash hit that no police officer will ever fail to recognize him again.


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