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Kodak Black Urged To Go To Rehab After Falling Asleep During IG Live

Kodak Black continues to cause worry among his fans following his latest bizarre livestream. The rapper has been urged to go to rehab to deal with his supposed drug issue after he fell asleep during Instagram Live.

The 26-year-old recently filmed himself on livestream during which he appeared to be sitting in a parked car. He was seen holding what looks like a cup or a can and lifting it to his face before his eyes slowly shut and his head fell down. After a few seconds, he appeared to be startled and awakened by voice in the background and that’s when the clip ended.


In the comments, his followers showed concern as they suspected that he was high on drug. “Kodak leanin,” one person speculated. Another wrote during the livestream, “Pray for kodack [sic],” while a third person added, “U good.”

After the video was reposted on The Neighborhood Talk’s Instagram page, many others encouraged Kodak to seek help for his issue. “Yeah that H ain’t no joke. Can somebody in his camp check him into rehab please,” one person reacted to the clip.

Echoing the sentiment, someone wrote, “He’s [sic] needs to just go to rehab, he looks so much better when he’s sober.” Another weighed in, “Y’all know yak and a lot of other artists do these drugs. He just ended up being too high on live. pray for em but spam his comments with ‘REHAB YAK WE [a heart emoji] U’.”

Another blasted those around Kodak who don’t genuinely care about his condition. “Nobody around him give a fck about him being an addict. God forbid he OD’s then all of a sudden every celebrity will be writing a paragraph about loving him. Yall suck and he needs rehab & therapist,” the said person noted.

“Only black folks think prayer is enough for everything, this brother needs rehab,” another one remarked. Someone else claimed, “He is not ok…smh ain’t no way he got people who really genuinely love him around.”

Just a little over a week before, Kodak also got his fans worried after he was seen being wheeled into what appears to be an emergency room of Broward Health Hospital in Florida. In the clip, which was shared by a TikTok user on August 3, the “Super Gremlin” spitter could be seen on a stretcher covering his eyes with one arm. He also lifted up one of his legs while being pushed through the entrance past nearly a dozen people.


Neither Kodak nor his team ever addressed the video, but a few days later, he resurfaced online in a video that saw him on a vacation to Italy. He looked happy and healthy while learning to make pizza during the getaway.


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