Kodak Black Kindly Asks Haters Calling Him Ugly To “Kiss His A**”

Kodak Black’s warm message for his detractors appears on his guest spot on Don Toliver’s brand-new album, “HARDSTONE PSYCHO.”
Kodak Black’s feature on Don Toliver’s new album HARDSTONE PSYCHO, specifically on the track “BROTHER STONE,” sees him calling out his haters in quite the unfiltered and personally offended way. “B***hes say I’m ugly, they can kiss my a**,” he raps on the cut, making a particular emphasis against people who make fun of his appearance and attractiveness. “N***as hating on me, but they copy my swag / F**k respect and love, as long as these n***as don’t do s**t to me / Throw shots all you want, as long as s**t’s not literally.” We can’t help but wonder what inspired Yak to come through with this energy.

Regardless, Kodak Black has to deal with a lot of drama right now thanks to the odd and unfortunate situation between him and two of his baby mamas. Moreover, one of them allegedly assaulted the other after she found out that he was spending time with that family, and apparently smashed his car windows, too. Overall, it seems like a pretty complicated and contentious situation that social media probably shouldn’t be the spectator of. Nevertheless, people are still commenting on the situation and seeing how this links into the other gossip timelines around the Florida rapper’s relationships.

Don Toliver’s “BROTHER STONE” With Kodak Black: Listen

Furthermore, his physical appearance may be a larger worry for him these days now that he doesn’t have the shadow of his legal issues looming over him and making everything else seem so trivial. We’re glad Kodak Black’s out of that hassle right now after accountability, and the idea of trolls hating on your appearance being one of your biggest headaches is a blessing. Elsewhere, his lawyer is commenting on some other cases in the rap game, namely Young Thug and YSL’s RICO trial. Bradford Cohen stuck up for Brian Steel, Thugger’s attorney, following his controversial arrest and conflict with the judge.

Meanwhile, Kodak Black has a new Sniper Gang-related compilation to share with fans, so he didn’t slow down at all this year with new releases. We’ll see whether this manifests into a solo drop down the line, but it’s also been quite the hectic past few months for him. We wouldn’t be surprised if there’s a small break somewhere in the timeline. But “BROTHER STONE” lets haters know that it’s all smoke no matter when a drop happens.


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