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Kim Kardashian indicted by fans for ‘hiding’ plastic surgery



Kim Kardashian has been accused of attempting to conceal her “new plastic surgery” by announcing that she recently broke a bone.

Last week, the 42-year-old reality star was spotted leaving a plastic surgeon’s clinic while wearing a black zip-up hoodie. She later revealed on Instagram that she had fractured her shoulder and tore her tendon.

Taking to her social media page, she told fans: “I broke my shoulder and tore the tendon, so I’ve been out of the gym a few weeks.” She later shared a picture of her kids having fun on a lake and wrote: “Wish I could have wake surfed but my shoulder is still out of commission.”

Since then, The Kardashians star has been posting earlier photos on Instagram, including some from her recent trip to Tokyo. Fans believe Kim is using her injuries as a “excuse” to avoid posting fresh selfies.

Sharing a screenshot of Kim’s Instagram Story on Reddit, one person wrote: “No one gives a s**t about your injured shoulder. We all know you secretly got a new surgery & this is your way of hiding it.”

Another agreed: “So didn’t this shoulder thing pop up after she was spotted at the plastic surgeon’s office? If so…what is she hiding. Because she was doing cartwheels around the time of the hurt shoulder.”


“I don’t think she has an injured shoulder. I think she has had some more work done on her face. She is using her “injured” shoulder as an excuse not to do selfies or show her face until the puffiness subsides or whatever work she had done to her face,” one critic said.

Others, however, claimed Kim appeared to be healing from a fractured shoulder, implying she sustained her injury before being examined at the plastic surgeon’s office. Someone commented: “But didn’t the IG story say she had just recovered from the shoulder whatever and was training again?”

On the other hand, Kim has time after time refuted claims of having plastic surgery and also insisted she’s never had filler in her face. “I’ve never filled my cheeks. I’ve never filled my lips,” she disclosed to Allure.

Kim has also been the subject of speculation regarding her nose, with some believing she underwent surgery on it. She claims it’s all due to clever contouring.

“People always say I’ve had a nose job and they’ll use before and after pictures, but the after picture is really taken before,” Kim told Harper’s Bazaar.