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Kendall Jenner Posts Topless & Lingerie Thirst Traps

Kendall Jenner just posted a couple of topless and lingerie-clad thirst traps on her Instagram page. While pretty much any post from the Kardashian clan turns heads, Kendall kept it short and sweet. Moreover, she posted some selfie videos of her in a dim-lit room. In fact, some of the videos recorded the camera’s brightness setting (that little square that pops up when you tap the camera screen). It’s an unorthodox aesthetic, but if anything, it grounds the model’s post in an everyday situation.

For as much praise people gave her in the comments, though, other users were recently not as receptive. Furthermore, Jenner made headlines a few weeks ago for pictures that came out of her and a colleague. In the snagged pics, her assistant held her umbrella for her during a rainstorm. The bodyguard stood in the rain as Kendall walked dry in a blue hoodie. While a lot of people criticized her for the display, many also pointed out that this is his job. If he doesn’t mind a rainstorm for a check, many questioned, why should we be angry for him?

Regardless, many voiced how they think they would react in that situation. “I don’t care how rich I am but I would feel so bad letting someone hold my umbrella for me while they are getting soaked,” one social media user expressed. ““Agreed! Plus it would be a bit awkward? You would stay [drier] just holding it yourself…” another responded. Also, people tried to look past their own reasons for not wanting to hold an umbrella. “Yes! I was just thinking how I couldn’t allow someone to hold an umbrella for me because I’m too lazy to hold it myself.”


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Meanwhile, the 27-year-old recently stunned at Beyoncé’s private show in Dubai. Alongside other famous names like Nia Long and Chloe X Halle, she attended the performance in style and wore a gold-detailed brown dress.


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