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Kate Beckinsale blasts bullies for flooding her comment section



Kate Beckinsale blasts bullies for flooding her comment section

Kate Beckinsale is fed up with the haters who constantly spam her Instagram comment area.

The celebrity has been posting on social media lately about assault victims who are eager to come forward.

“So – those of you who have been following my stories the last couple of days have definitely had a little insight into the fairly constant f***wittery and bullying that I can receive pretty regularly on this app,” Beckinsale captioned a video she shared from a 2019 appearance from The Tonight Show.

The Absolutely Anything star began the caption: “What I want to say is first of all, I have been overwhelmed by the number of supportive and incredible messages I have received from kind strangers that outnumber and outweigh the a–holes by two million percent.”


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She further went on to say: “The second is this, and the reason I feel social media has the possibility of being such a loving and positive force – a few years ago I went on [‘The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon’] and told this story about my fake sneeze.”


“I received a [direct message] a week or so later (which sadly got lost) from a woman who said her autistic 7 year old son had been entirely non verbal forever, and then became obsessed with this sneezing clip, [sic] kept requesting it over and over, and then suddenly said the first word he has ever said in his life and the word was ‘Achoo’,” the Jolt star noted adding “May I thank all of you and most particularly that lady who I wish would message me again so I can thank her properly.

She concluded her post writing, “She and you are why I stay on here and why I feel people are ultimately good and the chance to connect with strangers can be such an incredible gift.”