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Kanye West Gets Ridiculed By ‘South Park’ — Again

Kanye West has been made the subject of a brand new episode of South Park as season 26’s premiere explored themes surrounding Ye’s recent antisemitic remarks.

Directed by Matthew Stone, “Cupid Ye” — which debuted on Comedy Central on Wednesday night (February 8) — sees Kyle, Stan and the rest of the cast parodying Kanye West’s array of controversies that followed him throughout 2022 and led to many businesses cutting ties with the Chicago-bred mogul.

Stan and Cartman are jealous of Kyle’s — who is Jewish — budding friendship with Tolkien. Cartman becomes Cupid Ye and starts following some of the talking points in line with Kanye’s divisive rhetoric to spread antisemitism throughout the episode.

“You know, the stuff that’s come out about how the Jews stole the Black race’s identity,” Cartman says. “That the lost tribes of Judah were actually all Africans? You didn’t hear about this? Black people are actually the Jews and people like Kyle have taken that from them?

“So they had to invent a story for themselves which they could make everyone believe because Kyle runs Hollywood!”

Cartman also gives interviews in the episode donning the same racing jacket, black mask and matching gloves that Ye wore during his controversial appearance on Infowars where he was heaping praise upon Hitler last year.

“Ever since you changed your name and got all into Jesus, you got a little batshit crazy, Cupid Ye,” Cartman realizes.

This isn’t the first time South Park has used Kanye West’s likeness in an episode. The 2009 “Fishsticks” episode made waves by mocking Ye’s “genius” for not being able to understand a certain joke sweeping the nation.

Kanye West’s net worth cratered late last year after several businesses including adidas, Def Jam, Balenciaga, Creative Arts Agency and others severed ties with Ye following his controversial remarks.

In other Ye news, Boosie Badazz has crafted a theory that Kanye might actually think he’s Jesus Christ reincarnated, and even listed off some theories to back it up.

“I think Kanye thought he was Jesus, he named his name Yeezus, his clothes looked like Jesus when he got stabbed on ’em, his slippers look like Jesus sandals, I think he thought he was Jesus,” Boosie said. “I think he thought he was Jesus. He was talking about how he felt the ‘Jews was,’ he’s deliberately dogging Blacks.’”

He continued: “When you see him his hair is growing on his face looking like this like damn Jesus. Scrapes on his clothes, look at his slippers… It might be true, I might be wrong! But it sure look like it to me.”


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