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Jerrika Karlae Expresses Confusion Over Young Thug Jail Cell Photo



Jerrika Karlae and Young Thug used to be together for quite a while. However, they eventually broke up and Thugger began dating Mariah The Scientist. To this day, Thug and Mariah are still together. This was evidenced by a recent jail call that was leaked to the public. Within this call, the two are engaging in some baby talk, as couples that are in love typically do. Overall, fans were disturbed that such a call would be leaked. Moreover, it ultimately led to even more controversy as details surrounding Thug’s prison stay began to circulate.

As we reported, Thug’s cell was searched in 2022 and the police body cam footage from this search was made public. In the video, you can see a photo of Young Thug with his ex, Jerrika Karlae. This brought up questions about Mariah The Scientist and her relationship with the artist. Subsequently, Thug came out and said Mariah was the only woman for him. Now, Jerrika is chiming in, and it seems like she is a bit confused about the circumstances of her image getting into the cell.

Jerrika Karlae Speaks

“NOT really sure why Karlae PICS up there being that Karlae didn’t send them,” she wrote. “Additionally, WHY IS KARLAE MENTIONED?” Clearly, she has no interest at all in this recent love triangle. She is done with Thug and she wishes that he was done with her. As fans pointed out on The Neighborhood Talk, the images most likely came from Thug’s family. Although at this point, the source has not been confirmed.


Either way, it looks like Thug may have to rethink which images he hangs in his cell, from this point forward. Let us know your thoughts on this recent controversy, down below.