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Jennifer Lopez Clears the Air About Her Drinking Habits as She Shops Delola During ‘Pop In’ at Liquor Store

Jennifer Lopez kicked back with a cocktail this holiday weekend.

During July 4th, the singer and actress shared an Instagram Video that chronicled her making a “surprise pop in” to a liquor store in Sag Harbor, New York to purchase bottles of her drink brand, Delola. She also discussed her healthy relationship with alcohol.

“I got up early to go sneak out and get some Delola. We have a few people coming over for the holiday weekend, and I realized that we don’t have any,” she said with a laugh. “I thought we would, but we don’t. So I’m going to go to the store and get some.”

Lopez, who enjoyed the summer weekend with her husband Ben Affleck, recorded the video while in the car on the way to snag her drinks at Sag Harbor Liquor Store.

“I’m so excited. I love holiday weekends. I love spending time with family and friends and having a little cocktail,” she said while en route.

Lopez dropped the line of fruity, lower-calorie cocktails in April. The three, ready-to-drink spritzes each contain a different spirit. The Bella Berry is made with vodka, the Paloma Rosa has tequila and the L’orange features an amaro base.


The release created some confusion among fans who thought Lopez didn’t drink alcohol — so she cleared the air.

“I know that a lot of people have been talking about like, ‘Oh she doesn’t even drink. What’s she doing with a cocktail line?’ And to tell you the truth, that was true for a long time. I didn’t drink. A few years back, as you will see from several photos of me out over the past 10 maybe 15 years, I have been having the occasional cocktail. I do enjoy the occasional cocktail,” she said.

Lopez then went into more detail about her typical drinking habits.

“I do drink responsibly. I don’t drink to get s—faced. I drink to be social and have a good time and just kind of relax and let loose a bit, but always responsibly,” she added.

Lopez said that her Delola spritzes “fit my lifestyle” since they have lower alcohol, calorie and sugar content.

When the Shotgun Wedding star finally made it to the liquor store in the video, she revealed to a patron which is her current favorite Delola spritz. “Honestly, I really like the tequila one right now,” she said of the Paloma Rosa.

Lopez was overjoyed to meet fans and customers during the impromptu trip. One shopper even said they would bring Delola spritzes for a boat day they were having. “This is what I created this for!” Lopez responded enthusiastically.

To close out the video, the owner of the store played a special surprise for the Delola founder as she checked out with a bag full of the bottles: “They put on my music. That’s always fun,” Lopez said.

Lopez spoke with PEOPLE in April about her new business venture.

“I’m not a huge alcohol whatever-alcohol drinker, so it needed to be something that was really pleasant tasting,” she said at the time. “I loved the idea of creating something a little more healthy, a little bit more to my taste with kind of healthier ingredients and being gluten-free.”

Delola means “from Lola” in Spanish, so “the way we came up with the name for Delola was really about being the carefree, fun side of who I am,” she added.

The bottles are embossed with a design inspired by the Bronx crest (a nod to her New York hometown) and also lions — in honor of her and Affleck’s zodiac signs.

“I’m a Leo. On the actual bottle, I put two lions — Ben and I are both Leos — like a male and a female lion,” Lopez said. “It’s very personalized, really authentic to me and what I love.”


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