Jay-Z Performs At Tom Brady’s Patriots Hall Of Fame Induction: Watch

One GOAT welcoming another.
Jay-Z has become the face of the NFL when it comes to musical affiliation. The rapper’s company, Roc Nation, entered a partnership with the league in 2019 that has played a role in several half time shows. It was still surprising, however, to see Hov take the stage himself, and perform during Tom Brady’s Patriots Hall of Fame induction. The Brooklyn legend came out and shocked the crowd by rapping his 2003 song “Public Service Announcement” while Brady entered the stadium. It was appreciated by music fans, but it was especially appreciated by Brady himself.

The quarterback has voiced his adoration for Jay-Z on multiple occasions. He told Mass.Live that he was a “big fan” of Hov in 2014, and “Public Service Announcement” was the song that he chose as his theme whenever he stepped on the field. In particular, the lyrics: “Allow me to reintroduce myself.” There’s some fitting parallels between both men. Both Brady and Jay retired at the peak of their powers. Both returned and proved that they still had what it took to compete, further validating their “GOAT” status. Brady and Jay-Z also attended a breakfast that was organized by Fanatics CEO Michael Rubin by in May.

Jay-Z Opened The Ceremony With Brady’s Walkout Song

“Public Service Announcement” is a crucial song in Jay-Z’s catalog. The rapper discussed its importance in his 2010 memoir Decoded, and the interaction that led to its creation. He recalled a Village Voice writer criticizing his embrace of materialism in his music, and wrote the verses as a response. “It was a test of creativity and wit,” he wrote in the memoir. “I call rhymes like the first verse on ‘PSA’ Easter-egg hunts. If you just listen to it once without paying attention, you’ll brush past some lines… [They] can offer more meaning and resonance every time you listen to them.” Brady has obviously listened multiple times. He even threw up Jay-Z’s Roc-A-Fella sign during the induction performance.

Brady thanked those attending, and those watching, in an Instagram post before the induction. “Coming back to New England to celebrate what WE accomplished was so special,” he wrote in the caption. “And it’s a day that I’ll never forget. Being able to spend time with teammates, family, friends, coaches… And most importantly all the fans of Patriot nation is something that I’ll never take for granted.”

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