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Jamie Foxx Says He Was ‘Feeling Good’ as He Returned Missing Purse to Woman in Chicago (Exclusive)



Jamie Foxx continues to show signs that he’s on the mend — this time bounding out of an SUV to return a woman’s lost purse — in yet another sighting of the actor amid his recovery following a medical emergency in April.

On Monday afternoon, Terri “Quenni” Glenn, 54, and her two sisters were riding in a pedicab after leaving Chicago’s Bean sculpture on Michigan Avenue, when they suddenly saw a black SUV driving behind them honking its horn, she tells PEOPLE.

When the SUV pulled up next to them, the back door opened and out got Foxx, 55, holding her bag, which she had placed on the floor of the open-air pedicab and which apparently had fallen out through the side when the pedicab turned a corner, Glenn recalls.

“I wanted to ask Jamie where he found the purse,” Glenn says with a laugh. “I didn’t even know it fell out.”

Glenn, a home health care aide in Columbus, Ohio, and her sister were in town to accompany their third sister, Tracey, to several doctor’s appointments in suburban Chicago for treatment of her breast cancer, she explains.

Afterward, the trio headed to Chicago to do some sightseeing and try to lighten the mood.


As they were in the pedicab, they heard the SUV honking behind them and then it drove up next to them.

“The door opens and we see someone holding the bag as he’s stepping out,” Glenn says. “I saw it was Jamie holding the bag.”

Foxx was smiling and handed Glenn the bag, which contained an iPad, about $20 and her keys, she says.

“I said, ‘Jamie! Jamie!,’” Glenn says. “I said, ‘Are you feeling good?’ and he said, ‘I’m feeling good.’”

As he was getting back into the SUV, Glenn thanked him and he said, “You’re welcome, baby,” she remembers.

“He hopped out and came toward me, and hopped back in. He looked good. He looked very good,” Glenn says. “His voice, it was calm. It sounded good to me.”


Glenn says it appeared Foxx wanted to be the one to return the purse, noting there was a driver in the front seat and a woman sitting next to him in the back. “He wanted to do it himself,” she says.

Glenn’s son, Quan Ellis, 35, tells PEOPLE the family appreciated Foxx’s gesture. “For him to do that, that was dope,” he says.

The brief encounter was just the latest in a spate of recent outings. Foxx has been spotted around the Chicago area playing pickleball, at a golf outing at Topgolf Chicago – Naperville, and cruising on a boat down the Chicago River.

The actor suffered a medical complication on April 11 while filming the Netflix movie Back in Action in Atlanta. His daughter Corinne shared at the time that “due to quick action and great care,” Foxx was “on his way to recovery” at that point.

A month later, Corinne gave an update, saying Foxx “has been out of the hospital for weeks, recuperating.”